Custom Wrought Iron Doors

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Build Your Own Custom Iron Door  

Like our designs & want to change something? Add sidelights, window or transom? 

Our experienced designers can customize any size, design, color, glass, and swing to make the perfect one of a kind custom iron entry door

Our custom wrought iron exterior doors are priced by size and NOT by design

Custom iron doors can take up to 22 weeks to ship as all doors are 100% handmade 

5 Things To Know Before Ordering A Custom Wrought Iron Entry Door

Step 1:  Size & Design 

We make all sizes and shapes including single wrought iron entry doors, double iron doors, and iron doors with sidelights

We make all types of wrought iron door designs from decorative ornamental wrought iron doors to contemporary modern wrought iron doors

Send us the dimensions for your door and let us know your design thoughts. The design can be hand drawn or from another design or door from the internet

We will use this to then create a CAD drawing to send to you within 48 hours

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Step 2:  Door Opening & Direction

Next, we need to know which direction you want the door to open and which side the handle and lockset will be attached

This is personal preference for the buyer, but we usually see inswing doors and both left and right handed depending upon house layout

When facing the outside, a door that open from the interior of the house is an inswing. If the door opens from the exterior, it is an outswing. Second, if the hinges are on the left, the door is left handed. If the hinges are on the right, it is right handed

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Step 3: Color & Finish

We apply 6 layers of paint by hand for color, weatherization, dust, and rust prevention and to make sure your color is 100% unique

We have many wrought iron color options already available or can create a custom color for your wrought iron entry door


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Step 4: Glass

We have many different types of exterior glass to choose to ensure each custom iron doors is one of a kind

Our exterior doors with glass is dual paned 5/8" thick to increase insulation and conserve energy

Each glass is different and has different visibility and privacy levels depending on how much visibility you want people to see from the outside of your home

Step 5: Handles & Locks

Last, choose from one of our hand made custom wrought iron handles or use a latched entry handle and lock set combination from major lock manufacturers like Weslock, Baldwin, Emtek, or another brand

Note, custom iron pull handles will require a deadbolt which is why our in-stock doors come with standard double boreholes and do not have iron handles.


How We Are Different

Quality Craftsmanship & Materials

Our custom iron doors are made with the best materials by skilled artisans using the heaviest 12-gauge steel that is 30%-50% thicker than 14 and 16 gauge steel

Our 5/8" scroll work is hand forged and thicker than other iron doors which provides better durability, insulation and protection from normal wear & tear.

Solid Glasswork & Insulation

We use dual pane 5/8" glass which is thicker than other iron doors with glass. All of our custom wrought iron doors with glass is operable and can be opened independently from the doors.

We have many glass styles to choose from and all glass is tempered to insure safety

Excellent Customer Service

We will work with you in a step by step process so that everything is approved before hand and that your custom wrought iron exterior door is exactly as ordered

We also allow for storage at our warehouse if you need extra time before delivery

Strong Warranty Protection

Our custom wrought iron & steel entry doors are built to last a lifetime

We stand behind our quality and offer a warranty on the structure, glass, parts, paint & finish

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