How To Touch Up Steel Doors

Black Diamond Iron Doors ships doors nationwide to all 48 states. Scratches can sometimes occur during the shipping, transport, and installation phase. Don't worry, iron doors are very easy to touch up! 


Please find the following items needed to touch up an iron door: 

  • Rust oleum Flat Black Protective Enamel 
  • Bondo Filler 
  • 220 Wet/Dry Sandpaper
  • Faux Paint (Bronze Paint)
  • Masking Tape

Touch Up Paint Guide: 

Quick Touch-Ups For Small Surface Scratches

For small shallow scratches less than 2", we recommend using Rust oleum Flat Black Protective Enamel Spray Paint or a black paint marker.

Touch-Up For Larger & Deeper Scratches

  • Sand the touch up area with sandpaper and make sure to wipe off the area to remove any excess dust & dirt
  • If needed, apply thin layer of bondo filler to make the damaged area even. Wait 30 minutes before applying a 2nd layer if needed.
  • Once the bondo filler has dried, sand the bondo filler to make level with the surrounding surface. Clean the area once again to remove dust & dirt
  • Before using the spray paint, make sure surface is level with surrounding area and mask off any areas you do not want spray paint on ( ex: glass)
  • Spray the flat black base paint over the area and overlapping the current paint. We recommend 3 layers, so wait 3-5 minutes between each layer. Please allow 2-3 hours to let the paint dry completely. 
  • For finishes other than black, dip paintbrush into the faux finish and brush onto cardboard or paper towel until dry. Once brush is dry, lightly apply to door.