Wrought Iron Door Specs

Our ironwork and glass is produced using the highest quality materials with experienced craftsmen using a traditional age-old technique by hand so that each door is unique and made to last. Check out our product specs to see why our iron doors are best in class.     



We use only the highest quality 12-guage steel tubing which is thicker and heavier than competing brands by 30%. Our doors are extremely heavy but offer durability, security, and will last a lifetime.   

All of our in-stock iron door panels are 2" thick and fully insulated with polyurethane foam injected inside for climate control.

All doors come pre-hung from our factory with all accessories attached so installation is very simple.

Once jamb is leveled in place, just attached the door slab to the jamb. 

While, we always recommend iron doors to be covered by an awning or entryway as water is the main culprit of rust, our door and window sills slope down to let water run out, if needed. 

Additionally, our doors come with full vinyl-clad weather stripping installed around the doorstop, glass panels, and include a T-astragal for climate control.  

Jamb & Hinges:

Our doors come with a standard 6" jamb fully insulated with polyurethane foam to conserve heat in the winters and cool air in the summers. Our jambs are one big piece with threshold and door sill already attached making the installation process a breeze. 

We use aerospace grade bullet hinges with a washer in the middle instead of ball-bearing hinges because ball-bearing hinges are made of a different kind of steel that will grind down overtime. Our small bullet hinges will not grind down overtime and can support up to 1500 pounds.    

Finish & Paint:   

Paint & Finish Options:

At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we have over 10 different color options to choose from. We can even create your own color for a truly unique and one of a kind door. Below are some of our most popular colors with dark bronze, black, & black pewter standing out among the favorites.

Our in-stock doors are exclusively either dark bronze or black. Typically, wrought iron doors are dark bronze and modern steel French doors are black to match steel windows, but we can produce any color and finish or make the door look more vintage & aged if requested. For custom orders, check some of our favorite colors below. While these pictures don't show the true quality of our painting process, we can send individual samples if requested. 


Dual Pane Glass:

Our iron doors come with 5/8" dual pane insulated glass which is already installed on the door for a simple installation process and tempered for both security and safety. 

One of the standout out features of owning a wrought iron door, our glass operates independently from the door to allow outside air to enter the house while the door remains closed. Additionally, this feature makes cleaning the glass and door a fast and seamless process.   

Custom Glass Options:

At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we have over 15 different type of glass options to choose from when ordering a custom door. Our most popular glass options are shown below.

Glass style is based solely on preference of the customer. Each glass has a different privacy level (1 - 10) which determines how much people can see through the glass from the outside. If you do not want people to see into your home through the glass, Frost (10) or Rain (most popular - 9) glass are great options. Our top choice for modern style doors, Low E Clear glass (1) has an invisible mirrored tint that blocks UV light so the sun will not shine as bright through the glass.

We can make tinted glass colors such as tea or mirrored among others and have many other styles of glass not mentioned below. Please contact us directly if you have a particular glass style not listed as these are only some of the different options. 

Accessories & Hardware:  


When purchasing a wrought iron door from Black Diamond Iron Doors, all accessories are included and installed on the door.

The door threshold, roller catch, window knob, door sweep & sill are already installed on our doors, making the installation process simple & easy!

Only the hardware is not included as customers like to choose from many different handle-sets. 


Our in-stock doors come with standard double boreholes to allow customers to choose from many different latched handle and locksets from major lock manufacturers. 

Our boreholes are drilled to fit many different lock brands and are standard US dimensions. If ordering a handle and lockset from a 3rd party, please use the following measurements: 

2" thick door
2 1/8" boring (US standard)
2 3/4" backset (US standard) 
5 1/2" center to center (US standard)

Note, you will need to drill a hole for the bottom entry handle to rest when installing your hardware as is normal with any type of door. 

For custom orders, we also produce our own wrought iron handles. These do not have a latch and will require a deadbolt. We have many different pre-designed wrought iron handles to choose from or we can custom design a handle just for your door.

To check out some of our pre-designed wrought iron handles, click the the button below.