Wrought Iron Door Cleaning & Maintenance

Unlike wood doors, wrought iron doors have very low maintenance and require simple cleaning a few times a year to remove dust & dirt collection. 

Cleaning Doors & Glass: 

What To Do: 

To clean your wrought iron doors, all you need is soap & water! Wrought Iron Doors can even come with operable glass so that cleaning is simple and effortless. 

Any general multi-purpose cleaner, soap, or alcohol based cleaning solutions are acceptable. To clean your wrought iron door, use a damp cloth and dry the door. This will remove any dirt or rust build up over time. 

We recommend using distilled water as tap water can contain chemicals that leave residue and could cause rusting if not dried properly. 

If you live in areas with high humidity or coastal areas, you will likely need to clean your iron door more often as rust develops faster in those areas. If rust does develop on the door, soap and water should be enough to eliminate any rusting. Just make sure to dry completely as water on metal is the culprit for doors to rust.  

What NOT to Do: 

Do NOT use bleach, high alkaline or industrial solvent cleaners as this could cause damage to the protective finish. 

Do NOT use an abrasive brush when cleaning your door as this can also cause damage to the protective finish. Use a simple wash cloth for cleaning. 

Hinge Maintenance: 

Grease Hinges

At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we use two bullet hinges on each door which have a copper washer in the middle to ensure that no steel is rubbing against each other.

Our hinges require less greasing than your typical ball-bearing hinges on other iron doors.

You may only need to grease as needed or once a year. Our hinges come with a screw cap so effectively greasing the hinges is simple and easy.