Details - What's Included

All Accessories come pre-installed & included with purchase

Door Slab: 2" thick door slab made of 12 gauge wrought iron steel insulated with polyurethane foam core to conserve heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. 

Door Jamb: Standard 6" jamb made of 12 gauge wrought iron steel also fully insulated. Jamb is packaged separately for ease of transport.

Glass: 5/8" dual pane tempered glass that can be operable. Glass is fully sealed and tempered for safety, similar to a car windshield. 

Hinges: Aerospace grade bullet hinges that can support up to 1500lbs. Hinges have grease fittings so door can be easily greased without removing the door. 

Finish: Doors painted with 7 different automotive paint coats to prevent rust

Weather-stripping: All doors are fully weather-stripped so no air can escape which provides helps provide insulation and reduced noise. 

Threshold: Downward sloping threshold comes included and installed on the frame to allow for water run off.   

Roller Catches: Double doors come with roller catches already installed allowing for smooth opening and closing of doors over time. 

Flush bolts: Double doors come with flush bolts so the nonactive door can remain locked when the active door opens. 

Window Knobs: All wrought iron doors have operable glass windows which are opened using the window knobs. 

Mounting Tabs: Doors have pre-drilled mounting tabs welded on the frame to allow for a simple and easy installation.  

Doors are pre-hung, no assembly needed allowing for easy installation.