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Correct Way To Install Weatherstripping On Your Double Steel French Doors In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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If you stay in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, then be ready to get mild winters, hot summer days, and year-round precipitation. It means you need to regulate the interior temperature and save your cost on energy bills too. To protect your home from extreme summer days and cold winter days, you can get the weatherstripping done on your double steel French doors. It will help regulate the air in and around the interiors of your home, and gaps can be sealed too.

The best thing about weatherstripping is your home will have a comfortable temperature. You can use the open-cell foams, vinyl plastic self-stick strips, metal strips made of copper, bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel. The irregular space in your door will get sealed with the help of weatherstripping, but you must use durable material.

Let us now see the correct ways to install the weatherstripping for your home’s interior French steel doors.

Do Take Measurements

If there is any grime on the double steel door, you need to clean the door and remove debris. You can use sandpaper to remove the buildup and take the right measurements for installing the weatherstripping. As it is a double steel door, so you need to take measurements from both sides. The homeowners must know how to maintain their French steel doors so that these doors last for a long time.

Correct the Alignments

You need to align the steel doors appropriately and must secure their frame. These French steel doors may sag over time, and air can escape and cause disruption in the atmosphere inside your room. So, the hinges must be adequately tightened along with screws and nails to keep the door in place. The loose hinges must be replaced with brand new ones to secure the frame.

Install The Weatherstripping

Start putting the weatherstripping around the double steel door frame. The weatherstrip should start where the doors touch and remove any old strip. Clean the surface with the solution and dry the surface before applying the weatherstripping. If you have Steel French Doors with sidelights, take correct measurements before installing the strips. You may end up needing a large-size strip that compresses when the double door is shut. These sealing strips must be sealed tightly at the corners and should be thick enough.

Work on the Cracks and Insulation

After installing the weatherstripping, you must inspect your double steel door for any cracks and around the glass panels too. You can fill these cracks with caulking and let it dry at a temperature above 20°F. Moreover, you need to install the insulated molding to the separate sections of the French doors meeting point. This molding must seal the leftover space when the door closes. Now, put the nails into the insulation at every 5 inches of space, and after that, apply the wooden putty. To give this putty a finished look, sand it properly, and paint the steel door properly with the color of your choice.

Install Door Sweeps In The End

The door sweeps must be installed at the bottom of the double door. For this, remove one of the doors from the hinges and drill the sweeps into the door. Cut the sweeps for the exact size. The sweep must consist of a metal band and be laden with the strip of the rubber. This strip of rubber will provide the perfect sealant to your door and seal the air too. The space between the doors and floor will also get sealed.


The double steel French doors add to the beauty of your house manifold. So, weatherstrip your door properly to avoid any temperature regulation problems. You can get the best French steel doors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, from Black Diamond Iron Doors. You can call our experts today to discuss your needs and requirements about the double steel doors.

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