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6 Reasons Why Your Home in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Need Metal French Doors

Iron front doors and metal French doors are the trend of the century that every house should have, especially if you’re in the Philadelphia region. Iron French doors will give your home much-needed beauty and elegance. Not only can you use these doors for the main entrance of the house, but you can also replace the sliding glass doors on the patio. 


What Is A French Door? 

 A French door or a metal French door is characterized as two doors that open independently. To be a proper French door, both sides have to open. If not, then it’s not an actual French iron door.  

Most of these iron front doors have glass panes that go from the top to each door's bottom. You will find many designs that can cater to almost everyone. 


Here are some reasons why you need a French door in your home. 

 1. It Look’s Great

Throw away that plain boring door and embrace the aesthetic features of a French iron door. The door will make a significant improvement on your home that will make everyone else around the neighborhood jealous, trust me. 

Welcome your guest with a giant and elegant door. 

2. They Allow Sunlight Inside

If you’re someone who loves to allow natural sunlight into your home, then you’re going to love French iron doors. Did you know metal French doors were designed to allow more natural light into the house than other doors? 

 You will also have the option to have thermal glass that can improve your home's energy efficiency.

3. Long-Lasting

French doors and wrought iron French doors will last you a lifetime. They are made from solid and durable material that will make it impossible to warp or break. 

Alongside how strong they are, these iron doors can stand up to the elements and the extreme temperatures of nature. 

4. Improves Security 

If you’re worried about robbers or thieves breaking into your home, then having a wrought iron door or a French door will put you at ease. Iron doors are tough to break, bend, or tear up, making it almost impossible for robbers to enter your home. 

5. They Are Low Maintenance

To keep that gorgeous look of the door, you only have to wash the doors once a month using good oil soap and then rinse off and dry. That pretty much all that’s to it in terms of maintenance. 

You don’t need to spend your money on having someone take the rust off or scratches. You can take care of that yourself.

6. Property Value Increases

Buying iron front doors is an investment in your home. Even if you have it as the front door, patio door, or back door, just because you have an iron door, your property value will increase due to its beauty. 

There have been times when buyers get into a bidding war over homes with iron doors, and they tend to sell quickly.


So, now that you know the reason why your home deserves a French door. Click the link and shop for your very own iron door




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