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Taking Care of Your Wrought Door in Charleston, South Carolina


Having bought your iron entry doors is a fantastic experience, and having them installed will have your house look ten times better than how it did before. However, if you still want to keep that fantastic and luxurious look, then you need to properly clean and maintain your iron entry doors, such as a wrought iron door. These doors will last you a long time and will sustain any climate, but they will still affect the door. 


If you live in a coastal community, then because it has higher humidity levels, there is a chance that rust can develop at a faster rate compared to a wrought door or iron French doors in the city. It would help if you didn’t let a little bit of rust ruin your excellent door. 


You need to take care of your investment, and if you do so correctly, with will last you for years on end. 


Follow this cleaning routine to maintain your iron entry door.

1. Grab Your Cleansers

What you want to do first is, you want to grab a mild cleanser and also a non-abrasive cloth that doesn’t have any lint. 

Try mixing some liquid castile soap or some vegetable-based soap and water. Once mixed, grab your cloth and put it in the mixture to soak up properly and wipe down the doors.  

If your doors had rust on them, you would notice that rust will come off quickly. 

2. Rinse 

After you complete the first step, you will need to make sure your door gets rinsed off. 

This would work best if you a hose because it will take away any lingering soap. If you don’t rinse properly, then the mixture can leave residue on the iron French doors that won’t look good. 

3. Dry Thoroughly 

Grab yourself a clean and dry towel or piece of cloth and start to wipe down and dry your door. Always try to dry everything, so you don’t leave any excess water to dry on its own. 

If it dries on its own, then rust may start to form, and you will need to do these steps over again in the future. 

This method will only work in specific areas, depending on the location where you live, and you might have to take a few more extra precautions. Although this sounds like a hassle, the maintenance will have your wrought iron doors maintain their beauty. 

Sometimes you might have to oil the door's hinges every month if you live near the coast because the saltwater air can corrode some doors. 


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