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8 Things To Know Before Ordering A Custom Wrought Iron Door (Photos)

by Black Diamond Iron Doors 18 Mar 2021 0 Comments

8 Things To Know Before Ordering A Custom Wrought Iron DoorCustom IRon Doors

Not finding any door style that will fit your house. Want the perfect front door?

Custom doors are an option for many people who want to make sure every detail is hand picked and matches their house perfectly. After all, the front door is the first thing people see when viewing your home.

But what type of door should you order custom? Wood like mahogany, cherry, alder or wrought iron?  

Unlike custom wood doors, custom wrought iron doors have as many as 10 different customization aspects to consider.

Ordering a custom wrought iron door can be very confusing, so we want to make sure our customers are informed before getting a free design consultation, so they have all the knowledge necessary to build their perfect dream door.

After all, a custom wrought iron door can last a lifetime and are an investment that will be sure to pay dividends down the line with increased security, curb appeal, and durability. Let’s talk some of the different things to consider when ordering a custom wrought iron door.


First and foremost, the size of the door is important when determining a custom wrought iron door.

Typically, entry doors have standard sizes at around 80” or 96” tall. However, custom iron doors can be any size necessary as the door will be built specifically for the customer.

Another important size aspect when ordering a custom wrought iron door is how many doors do you want? For example, 6 x 8 wrought iron door can be 2 36” single iron door slabs to make a double door or a 42” single iron door with 2 12” sidelights (shown below).

wrought iron door with sidelights

Generally, whether to add sidelights and go with the single door option over a double iron entry door is completely up to the customer. A double iron front door will have more entryway room as both doors will open while a single iron front door with sidelights might have more light shining through the sidelights, resulting in an overall brighter entryway.  

Frame Design

Wood doors usually only have one shape or frame shape which is a square top. However, custom doors have 3 different shapes: square top, eyebrow, and arch.

Wrought iron custom doors have 5 different frame shapes: square top, eyebrow, arch, square top-eyebrow, and square-top arch. These different frame shapes will fit different house styles better.

wrought iron dooreyebrow iron doorarch wrought iron doorwrought iron door jambwrought iron door frame
arch iron doors

Frame shape also depends on if your custom iron door is going to fit an existing opening in your home for a remodel or if you are planning to build a construction where the opening has not been built yet. Keep this is mind, changing the opening on an existing house to fit a different frame shape for your new custom iron door can be quite expensive and will require an experienced contractor.

Unlike wood doors, the two frame shapes on custom wrought iron doors, square top-eyebrow, and square top-arch, can add an extra wow factor to your entry way. These frame shapes are characterized by thicker frames on top that sometimes even include glass. Note, these frames or jambs will be much heavier because of this.

Frame Width – Standard wrought iron doors have a 6” frame width which fits best on 2 x 4 wall studs. While a 6” frame or jamb width will fit a house with 2 x 6 wall studs, you may want to consider getting an 8” jamb. For custom steel interior doors, a 4” jamb or frame width is best. At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we can custom make 4”,6”,8”, and 12” jamb widths to fit any house foundation.   

In conclusion, frame shape for custom wrought iron doors is ultimately dependent on customer preference and if the customer wants to do remodel on an existing opening if needed.  


Another important aspect of ordering a custom wrought iron door is the swing.

Swing refers to which way the door opens. There are for types of swing: Right Hand In swing, Left Hand In swing, Right Hand Outswing, Left Hand Outswing.

Inswing means the door opens inside the house which is common for entry or wrought iron exterior doors. Outswing means the door swings out which is more common for patio or interior doors.

left hand inswing
right hand inswing iron door

To determine which hand is active, we always look facing the outside of the home. For example, when facing the outside of the home, if the front door swings inside to the left, it is a left-hand in swing. Vise-versa, when facing outside and the door swings inside to the right, it is a right hand in swing.

Choosing between a right- and left-hand door is mostly based on customer preference and the layout of how the house is set up but is something to consider before ordering a custom wrought iron entry door.   


Home Style

By far the most important aspect of ordering a custom wrought iron door is DESIGN!

After all, why would you wait the long lead time to make a handmade iron door if the design was not exactly what you wanted.

The design options for custom wrought iron doors are endless and ultimately is decided by the taste of the customer and the home style. At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we have 1000’s of pre-designed doors and can make any design imaginable.

Black Steel French Doors



Rustic Wrought Iron Door

Certain designs will work better for certain houses. For example, a modern wrought iron door will look better on a more modern house and a Mediterranean style wrought iron door will look better on a Spanish or Mediterranean style house. A more rustic farmhouse design will compliment a house that has a farmhouse ranch style.


ornate iron doors

Unlike custom wood doors, wrought iron door scrollwork can be straight with simple lines, or twisted and curved for a more decorative wrought iron door. Additionally, wrought iron design can have features like flowers, flour de lees, crosses, birds ect. for a truly unique and custom ornamental wrought iron door. For more designs, check out our article on wrought iron door designs to match home styles.


An important aspect of custom iron door designs is how much glass do you want on the door.

Iron doors with glass


Some doors have full glass from top to bottom, others are ¾ glass with a kickplate, some with no glass at all, and everything is between. Different levels of glass will ultimately affect how much light enters your entryway.

If you do not want a lot of light to enter or want added security, go with less glass or no glass at all for a full iron security door. If you want your entry way to light up the room, choose a design with full glass panels from top to bottom.


Another design aspect is the kickplate design or whether to have a kickplate on the door at all.

Wrought Iron exterior doors with glass

No kickplate with either be a full glass door with scrollwork or an full iron door with no glass. Additionally, we can make many decorative and ornamental designs on the kickplate for some of our more decorative iron door designs.


In the end, the customer should choose what designs looks best to them and suits their house the most. At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we try to make our customers their dream door and can make any design with or without a kickplate. The choice is up to you!


Traditionally, wrought iron doors are a dark or oil rubbed bronze. However, custom wrought iron doors can be painted any color imaginable.

Wrought Iron Door Colors

We have even seen white wrought iron doors! At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we have over 10 different color options. Our most popular color is oil rubbed bronze followed by black and light bronze.

The color of the wrought iron will depend on the door design and home style. For our modern wrought iron doors, we choose to have our designs with black iron doors. For more Spanish or Mediterranean home style, we would recommend a light bronze color for your custom wrought iron doors.

Along with oil rubbed bronze, light bronze, copper and black, we also can make colors more vintage with a distressed look. For more info on colors, please see our custom iron doors.


Another important aspect when ordering a custom wrought iron door is glass style.

Wrought Iron Door With Glass

Glass style is preference by the customer but also serves as functionality, privacy, safety, and different glass styles look better on different wrought iron door designs. Most of our exterior doors with glass can operate independently from the door, a standout feature of wrought iron doors.

Black Diamond Iron Door glass is 5/8” dual paned with clear on the inside and a textured or clear glass on the outside and the glass is tempered for safety which means if the glass shatters it will break into small pieces like a broken car windshield, which offers much better safety and security.

Privacy - Different glass styles also have different privacy levels. For example, Low E Clear glass has a reflective tint that blocks UV light and reduces energy costs but has a lower privacy rating and higher visibility than others.

Our most popular glass style, Rain glass, is textured on the outside as if rain is falling on the door and has a high privacy rating meaning people cannot see inside the home at all. If you are looking for a modern wrought iron door, try sandblast or frost glass. This glass has the highest privacy rating and has a more modern look than our rain glass which can match certain wrought iron door designs better.

Black Diamond Iron Doors has over 10 different types of glass styles from clear to reflective to many different textured glass styles. For more info on our different glass options, visit our iron door specs page here.      


One of the design customizations our customers do not often think of is the boreholes.

Boreholes denote how many holes are on the door for the locks and handle sets. This mainly affects double iron doors. Do you want only 1 handle set? Do you want a dummy handle set on the nonactive door? Do you want 2 deadbolts with wrought iron pull handles?

All of these are different option when choosing a custom wrought iron door. At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we like to make our stock doors with double boreholes so that customers can purchase handles for each door slab so that the door looks much more luxurious and symmetrical, adding to the art of the door design.


Wrought Iron HandlesWrought Iron Handles

As with boreholes, knowing what handles you want before you order a custom wrought iron door will help tremendously when building the door.

For example, if you choose to buy your own lockset from the 3rd party, you can let us know and we can adjust the holes to fit your handle and lock perfectly. Sometimes, certain handle sets may not fit well with a certain design. Having an idea of the handle set you want before ordering can save a lot of headache.

Additionally, Black Diamond Iron Doors provides iron pull handles that traditional wrought iron doors have. While these wrought iron handles are handmade and look as beautiful as the custom iron door they are made for, these iron pull handles do not have latches and must be opened using a deadbolt.

wrought iron handles  wrought iron handles  wrought iron handles  wrought iron handles

This is important if you plan to keep your door unlocked most of the time because these handles will not have a latch to keep closed so keep this in mind. We only use wrought iron pull handles on our custom wrought iron doors. Check out our wrought iron pull handles here.  


Included With Purchase

At Black Diamond Iron Doors, almost all accessories is pre-installed and included with purchase. Touchup paint, roller catch, threshold, window knobs, T-astragal, hinges, door sweeps, weatherization, etc is already installed on the doors. Our doors are pre-hung which makes installations a piece of cake. To install our doors, simple set the frame in the opening and then hang the door.

Mesh Screen

When ordering a custom wrought iron door, consider adding a mesh screen so that when you want to open the glass windows on the door, no insects, dirt, smoke, etc will come into your home. Our mesh screens can be added to any wrought iron custom door and are magnetic so the screen can be easily removed.    

Thermal Break Conductors

At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we sell and ship our door nationwide to all 50 states. Our doors are fully insulated with a polyurethane foam which provides up to 50% more insulation than a traditional wood door. Although metal will be cold to the touch in the wintertime, these doors should not freeze unless in extreme cold climates where we would recommend adding thermal breaks to mitigate extreme cold weather and to maximize energy savings. 

However, we can add thermal break conductors to a custom wrought iron door to maximize thermal efficiency to reduce energy costs. Adding thermal break conductors is a tedious process, must be done by hand, and adds 1/8” to the door width. A thermal break essentially cuts the door in half and has a sandwiched look so that cold air cannot easily pass through the metal. 

This option is quite an expensive add on and we only recommend in areas of severe cold weather that is consistently below 20F during most of winter. For more info on thermal break doors, please contact us directly.


If you have made it this far, you can tell there are many different parts to ordering a custom wrought iron door.

At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we only use the highest quality materials, so our doors are durable enough to last a lifetime. As such, we like to keep our customers informed on all the different customizations to make sure they get to order their dream door.

After all, the front entry door is the first thing people see when viewing your house.

To order a custom wrought iron door, please contact us directly at


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    2. Attempting to straighten or align the lock after the screws have been installed on the lock. Aligning a lock should be done before the screws are put in.
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Metal is a poor conductor by nature. When the temperature varies greatly between the inside vs. outside of the home - foam is not a sufficient barrier, and a thermal barrier will be needed so that the cold will not transfer from the outside of the home in.

We recommend purchasing a thermally broken door in areas where the temperature can vary greatly to prevent heat transfer and condensation from occurring inside the home.

During the winter months when there are sustained periods of extreme cold, when temperatures drop below the 25-degree threshold, is when you may notice the above stated thermal transfer. While many factors effect energy efficiency, it is always best to check with your contractor about building codes in your specific area.

Black Diamond Iron Doors offers no warranty as to the suitability of using this product in a cold climate. Condensation and frosting are possible and in fact likely to occur when installed in cold climates. 

Sidelights & Transoms - All Doors with knockdown sidelights and/or transoms come un-assembled and may require holes to be drilled to complete installation. Holes may need to be drilled through metal on door jamb and/or sidelight. Doors, jambs, sidelights and/or transoms may come with pre-drilled holes that may not be required to use, instead, new holes may be required to be made by the installer to complete the installation. Will need to be sealed with silicon before assembly. Title and risk of loss to products passes to Buyer on shipment from our facility or the date that storage fees start. Loss or damage that occurs after title of product passes to the buyer is the responsibility of the Buyer. Designs may alter or change if a screen is added to the door or order (this is most commonly the case with doors with knuckles).

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ALL LTL DELIVERIES WILL BE CURBSIDE AND WILL NOT DELIVER UP A DRIVEWAY OR IN A GARAGEIt is the customers responsibility to safely transport the package from the curb to the place of storage which is why we recommend having 2-3 people to help unload. 

**IMPORTANT** Delivery Restrictions May Apply If Streets Are: 

  1. Too Narrow
  2. One Way 
  3. Unfinished 
  4. On a Hill
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If this is the case, the customer or builder may pick up the unit from the carrier’s terminal in which the carrier will load the buyer’s vehicle. 

Black Diamond Iron Doors is responsible for making direct payments to the shipping and delivery vendors. 

For your convenience, a tracking number and any other delivery information will be given to you once your order ships from Black Diamond Iron Doors.

Flat Bed / Trailer Deliveries: If multiple doors are being shipped and require more than 2 pallets when shipping via LTL freight, a flatbed may be the required form of shipment. With flatbed orders, a representative will contact you via phone or email to discuss the process before having the order picked up. A forklift may be required to unload which is the sole responsibility of the customer. 

There is no set date/time for flatbed deliveries. It is your responsibility to make sure you are there for offload at the time the driver arrives. You will have 30-45 minutes to offload your order. Most of our doors require 2-3 (sometimes 4) able bodied persons to lift and remove doors and frames from the flatbed. For larger orders, please make sure you have more manpower in order to offload within the time limits. Black Diamond Iron Doors is not liable for any charges that may occur due to non adherence to the above information.

Local Pickup: Local pickup service is free and available at the Black Diamond Iron Doors Houston facility located at:

12613 Executive Dr #712, Stafford, TX 77477

Please make sure to contact us to confirm your order and ensure that it is ready for pick up prior to arriving.

Black Diamond Iron Doors will bring doors to your vehicle. Buyer needs two or three people to load their door and other products. Black Diamond Iron Doors will help loading if necessary, but Black Diamond Iron Doors and their staff are not liable for any damage done to your vehicle or the manner in which it is loaded. Black Diamond Iron Doors will not secure your load and the buyer must provide their own tie downs/straps. Buyer or buyers’ representatives picking up doors and or other items are solely responsible for any damage to vehicle and merchandise as well as securing of your load and the suitability of the vehicle for the transport of items purchased. It is recommended to transport doors on their side to help protect the seal of the glass. Water damage that occurs by allowing water inside door can affect paint, care should be used to prevent water from reaching the inside foam. Black Diamond Iron Doors will not be responsible for any damages that occur during loading, transit, and unloading of doors, including but not limited to broken or scratched glass. 

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For security reasons, voice confirmation may be required before we can process your credit card for payment. If the item(s) on your order are in-stock, we will ship them as soon as possible from our main Houston, Texas warehouse. If the item(s) on your order are out of stock, they will not be shipped until we have received and processed the backordered inventory in our warehouse.

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Concealed Damage(s): When damage is discovered after delivery, it should be reported to the Black Diamond Iron Doors Customer Service immediately. Once contact has been made, consignee will file claim with carrier. Black Diamond Iron Doors will provide this information. The carrier may complete an inspection. Please hold the freight and shipping container until resolution is given.

*IMPORTANT: For both visible and concealed damages, consignee must report any damage marks on container to the carrier during delivery to be considered for a claim resolution. Failing to do so will result in an unrewarded claim. The carrier and Black Diamond Iron Doors are not responsible for any un-reported claim.

Shipping Disclaimers: Black Diamond Iron Doors, LLC. assumes no responsibility or liability for damage(s) to the product and/or personal injury to an individual or any other issue that may arise from the delivery process.



Installation and/or use of any door product constitutes customer's acceptance. No damage or shortage claim can be made once a door/unit has been installed!

Inquiries: If you have a question concerning our Shipping Policy please e-mail us at 

Risk Of Loss - All items purchased from Black Diamond Iron Doors are made in accordance with a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon tender of the item to the carrier.

If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions specified above, get in touch with us by sending us an email to We welcome any questions or concerns that may arise.

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