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7 Reasons Why You Need an Iron Door in Denver Colorado

Steel Doors In Denver Colorado

Denver, Colorado, is one of America's metropolises dating to the Old West era. This fantastic, beautiful city can light up the sky with its endless city lights. With such a wonderful city and beautiful buildings and houses, you will need to up your home's look. This all starts with incorporating Iron Front Doors.

If you're looking for that wow factor when people walk past your house or go inside, then black metal French doors or simple wrought iron doors are for you. 

Here we will go over seven reasons why you need to install Iron front doors.

1. The Wow FactorNick Ohmstede

Nothing will scream elegance and beauty more than Iron front doors. With these doors, since they come in all different shapes, sizes, and patterns, you will most definitely find something that works for you. 

Plus, wouldn't you rather have an elegant door compared to the old and regular doors everyone else has?

Wrought Iron Door in Denver Colorado

2. Quality

The quality of these iron doors is impressive and durable. Featuring 12 gauge iron steel and 5/8" dual paned glass with insulation throughout the frame and slab, materials are second to none, above the industry standard, and they will last you a significantly longer time than regular doors. 

3. Maintenance Free

Sooner or later, with regular wood doors, we're going to have to change them or maintain them because they will eventually rot or warp. If you ask us, I don't want people looking at a rotted door. 

So, black metal French doors are practically maintenance-free. They will never rot or warp. Black metal French doors can be seen today from the early 19th century in good working condition because of the maintenance free and durable qualities of high grade steel in the doors.

At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we use 6 layers of paint to ensure every door is painted beautifully but also to make sure rust is impossible to eat at the paint. To clean, simply use a non-abrasive cleaner. 

steel french doors

4. Installation Is Simple

Iron doors are straightforward to install. They usually come standard with insulated safety glass, removable security screens, and a weather tripping system. 

What makes them easy to install is because some of them incorporate a slide-in design. So, this means you don't have to tear up the interior or exterior of your home. Black Diamond Iron Doors are all pre-hung, meaning once the frame is attached to the dwelling with bolts, the door slabs just need to be hung on the pre-installed hinges, resulting in a simple and easy installation process. 


5. Very Secure

If you're worried about security and durability, then iron front doors have your back. They are one of the most secure doors you can find. 

They are made of high-quality 12-gauge steel, and passive doors have flush bolts to provide you a more secure lock. Black Diamond Iron Doors can weigh anywhere from 400-1200lbs for added security. Additionally, we offer many different privacy glass options so no one can see into the house through the front door.  

6. They Even Have a Drainage System

In most cases, these iron doors have a built-in drainage system. Iron front doors have a unique sloped door design under the glass panel. 

This will allow the rain to drain to the exterior side and away from the glass panel and the door itself. 

7. Built to Last

These doors are typically injected with some high-quality polyurethane foam for year-round insulation. This foam is up to 50% more insulated than common wood or fiberglass doors, will help in energy savings, and will keep the home insulated during extreme weather conditions. 

Whether you want to feel safer or elevate the look of your house, getting iron front doors in Denver Colorado, will give you what you're looking for and more. 

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