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Charlotte Carolina's New Wave on Iron Doors

Wrought Iron Doors In Charlotte North Carolina

Why Iron Doors are Better Than Wood and Glass Doors

Charlotte is one of the places where the homes are so elegant that they take your breath away. So, when on the market for a door to suit the beautiful home, you have some thinking to do. You really shouldn’t install just any door on an already elegant home. One of the best things to consider is a classic Iron French Door instead of a regular wood or glass door. 

Here we will go over why iron doors are better than wood and glass doors. 


What to Consider When Getting A New Door

If you’re in the North Carolina region and on the market for a new door, some things to consider include: 


Wrought Iron Door Size & Measurements

Whether you’re buying a door online or in-person need to assure yourself that you have the proper measurements. Because if you don’t, then the door will not fit correctly. 

If not fitted correctly, the installation may cost more if modifications need to be done to the home in order to make the door fit.

At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we measure all doors from frame to frame, meaning the entire door and frame is included in our measurements.

We recommend doors to be ~0.5-1" less than the rough opening of the entryway. 



Cost is a big deal when determining the type of door you want. At the same time, iron French doors are more on the pricey side of things. While more expensive upfront, wrought iron entry doors and steel patio doors will last longer than other doors due to their superior materials and quality. 

So, in the long run, you will be saving money on not replacing a wooden or fiberglass door if it begins to rot or gets warped and discolored. 

The beauty of iron doors is that you will find many discount wrought iron front doors for the most part. 


Why Iron Doors Are Better Than Wood and Glass

In terms of the material of iron doors, it doesn’t get much better than that. They are made from very durable material with iron French doors compared to wooden and glass doors. 

They will always last much longer than their competitors. If you consider other doors such as wood and glass, their materials will break down faster over time and will only last for a few years. 

Even if they do last longer, they will not age well and will look damaged. With iron doors, even after a long time, they will still look good even after decades. 

They Will Prevent Break-Ins

Doors are not only meant to welcome people in, but they are also meant to prevent people from breaking in. While wooden and glass doors are easy to break into, iron doors are not as easy. 

They need to kick the door down simply; they just need to shatter them with glass doors. Iron French doors are almost impossible to dent or damage because they are made of 12 gauge steel, very thick and resilient. 

Design Is For Curb Appeal & Functionality 

Similar to wood doors, iron doors can be made of more or less glass for added security and functionality. The less glass on the iron door, the more secure the steel door will be since steel weighs more than glass and is much more durable.

Consider the following 2 doors. If security is the number one priority, choosing a door with less glass is the best option. 

Wrought Iron Security Door  Iron Exterior Door With Glass


Final Thoughts

So, if you’re in the market for a new door and still deciding which one to get, you will not go wrong with an iron French door, trust me. You’re going to end up loving it with its endless designs. At Black Diamond Iron Doors, check out all our door designs, we are sure you will find one you like. If not, let us build your own wrought iron door design. 

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