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Black Steel French Doors: What Hardware You Can Use To Make Your Door Look Appealing In San Antonio, Texas

Steel French Door Hardware

We always look around for the best black steel French doors to enhance the curb appeal of our home or maintain maximum security. They are modern doors with a hint of traditional style that makes them stand apart. However, before buying the steel French doors, one must be aware of a few things like the design, frame, glass material to be used, size, shapes, model and make, and much more. Apart from all these things, we forget the hardware like door handles, knobs, locks system, etc., that will look great on the French steel door.

So, it is necessary to focus on the hardware accessories you need to install and take care of the color and curb appeal of your French door. You can get double steel French doors or black single steel French doors, considering the weather and security in San Antonio, Texas.

Accessories to Use with Black Steel French Doors

Black Steel Doors

The styling and designing of your French steel doors will make your home stand apart in the neighborhood. Not only for the sake of style but from the viewpoint of security reasons in San Antonio, Texas, it is necessary to choose the door handles or knobs that provide utmost security to your black metal doors. Let us now see the types of hardware you can use for your steel French doors.

Door Pull Handles

The door pull handle mounted on the rose is a perfect fit for modern homes as it includes two knobs with a switch handle to open or close the door. It can be round or square, but it provides full coverage to the handle to a sleek and secure touch. This type of handle looks classy and is functional from both sides. You can even go for traditional pull handles or the ones mounted on the plate to give your steel door a vintage look.

Hurricane-Impact Glass

You can tweak your black steel French doors in such a way that you can get the hurricane-impact glasses installed without any hassle. The glass will not let the heavy storms put any impact on your door and will safeguard your home. Even you can get saved from the creepy and dirty crawlies and the residue that may enter inside your home because of strong winds. The add-on is the impacted glass saves the home from thieves too.

Door Locks

steel door locksWeslock Locks

The primary door lock must be secured and sturdy as it will protect your whole home from burglars and thieves. Even you can get the security lock systems to monitor when you are away at your workplace. You can use the three-point locking system that includes the metal rod, and it extends up to the top of the door frame and down the floor. These are combined with the deadbolts that make your steel French door stronger. It works best for double steel French doors. 

Door Knobs

Weslock wrought iron doorsWrought iron door knobs

The steel French doors give a modern outlook to your home, so getting brass knobs, dummy door knobs, keyed entry door knobs, knobs with door levers, etc., will work perfectly to operate seamlessly daily and provide security, especially the ones with key and door levers.



Your home is your lifetime investment, so you need to be careful about the doors and other accessories you are investing into. Black Diamond Iron Doors is one of the best dealers in San Antonio, Texas. We sell the best black steel French doors and the accessories laden are secure and beautiful. You can call our experts to discuss your essential requirements.

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