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We get this question often. If you've done your research, wrought iron doors have a wide range of pricing and can be confusing.

Generally, wrought iron doors will be more expensive than wood or fiberglass doors as they have many benefits and will last much longer. Standard sized wrought iron doors can cost anywhere between $1500 to $5000, depending on if the wrought iron door is a double or single iron door. Note, this is only the cost of the door and does not include shipping or installation.

When purchasing a wrought iron door, take note of these costs: Design, Materials, Door Size, Shipping, Installation


Some wrought iron door companies charge different prices for each door design. This is likely to make up hiring a designer and labor associated with more ornamental designs. At Black Diamond Iron Doors, all of our doors are the same price regardless of design. We only charge by door size or sqft of materials used. 

Wrought Iron Double Entry Door Wrought Iron Double Entry Door


Some wrought iron doors companies use cheaper materials to keep their prices lower. At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we only use the highest grade steel and glass so that our wrought iron doors are insulated, durable and will last a lifetime. We use 12 gauge steel which is 30% thicker and heavier than 14 gauge steel. Our glass is 5/8" thick for maximum energy conservation whereas others are much less. Consider these things when purchasing a wrought iron door as these lower quality materials will lead to issues down the road.  


Wrought Iron Door size is our number driver of cost and should be for most wrought iron door companies. The materials used based on the size of the door affects pricing the most. For example, a 36" x 96" single iron entry door should be about half the price of a 72" x 96" wrought iron double door. At Black Diamond Iron Doors, our price is solely based on size and not by design.

Single Wrought Iron Entry DoorDouble Wrought Iron Entry Door


One area many other iron door companies like to make money on is the shipping or freight. Shipping can cost between $250 - $1000 depending on location and which iron door company you are buying from. At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we offer a standard flat $495 rate to all 48 states, regardless of location and doors ordered. Often times, the cost to ship a door is much higher than this, but we like to offer the same shipping price to all customers for simplicity. Please consider this cost when purchasing a wrought iron door as many iron door companies will not bring up shipping charges until the very end. 


Installation is the final cost you must consider when purchasing a wrought iron door. Installation can very depending if you are doing a remodel or a new construction. We recommend hiring a contractor before purchasing a wrought iron door for a remodeling project as this is where problems can arise. Remodels typically have higher costs and can be upwards of $500 - $1000+ as the installers much remove the old door & casing, adjust the frame for the new wrought iron door, install new door and casing/trim. Installing a wrought iron door for a new construction should only cost $250-500 as this process is very simple and will not take long at all. Black Diamond Iron Doors does not offer installation services, but we partner with many local wrought iron door installers who have experience installing wrought iron doors. For more info on installations, we can refer you to our installers who have experience with wrought iron door installations. 


Wrought iron door costs can vary by size, design, materials, shipping, and which iron door company you buy from. Consider the installation cost in your budget as this can also vary greatly if the door is for a remodel and sized differently than your frame. At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we strive to provide the best value for the price by offering high quality wrought iron doors at factory direct & wholesale prices. Check out our in-stock wrought iron door inventory or contact us for any questions about wrought iron doors. 

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  • Judy Robertson

    We have been considering replacing our front door with an iron door. I would love to have an estimate for the cost.

  • Judy Robertson

    We have been considering replacing our front door with an iron door. I would love to have an estimate for the cost.

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