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Wrought iron doors are becoming more popular due to their versatility, functionality, and durability. Unlike a wood door, a steel door or wrought iron entry door can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance or upkeep required. 

Modern wrought iron doors are becoming increasingly popular as they can go with any house style and design. Modern wrought iron doors are characterized by minimal ornamental designs and straight or square scrolls. Our modern & minimal collection offers chic yet timeless designs that will never go out of style. Here are some of our favorite modern wrought iron door designs for 2021:

Modern Wrought Iron Doors


Modern Wrought Iron Door

Named after seeing a beautiful modern house in Telluride, our Telluride design is one of our favorite and most popular modern wrought iron door designs. The 6-lite operable glass give a modern and minimal design that is timeless and can go with almost any house design: modern, rustic, Mediterranean, Victorian, contemporary, etc. Telluride is simple yet sleek design that looks great in dark bronze or black to match steel black windows. 


Modern Wrought Iron Door

Snowbird is another popular design trend for 2021 with 6 X's to give a modern farmhouse look. We make Snowbird in all sizes for both single and double iron doors. Low E clear glass is usually preferred with modern wrought iron door designs. 


Modern Wrought Iron Door

Mammoth was design with inspiration from the many modern W hotels in mind. The sleek square lines with overlapping scrolls offers a unique one of a kind design and will look great with steel windows.   


Modern Wrought Iron Door

Another popular modern wrought iron door design is Wengen. A simple 6-lite design with operable Low E clear glass is great for both front and back doors. This design resembles a typical wood or fiberglass door design but offers the same durability and security of wrought iron doors. 


Modern Wrought Iron Door

Keystone is another modern wrought iron door design that many customers inquire about. A modern and minimalist 8-lite window design with thicker scrolls than our Telluride & Blackcomb design, Keystone looks great in all sizes and glass styles. We regularly stock this design for our double doors with Low E clear glass. 

Beaver Creek

Modern Wrought Iron Door 

Beaver Creek is similar to Wengen but does not include a kickplate and the glass is fully extended to the bottom. This design is great for people who want more natural light entering the house. We can make this design in both single and double iron doors with any glass style, though we recommend Low E clear glass.  


Modern Wrought Iron Door\

Blackcomb is the same 6-lite window design as Telluride but with an eyebrow frame. Because everyone loves this design, we make it in many different shapes: square top, eyebrow, and full arch. A beautiful modern wrought iron door that will look great on any home. 


Our modern & minimal wrought iron door collection offers simple yet sleek straight line scrolls that will suit all house styles. Our modern wrought iron doors are simple yet beautiful while offering the durability, functionality, and security of traditional wrought iron doors. All of our doors can be completely custom made to your preferences for any size, shape, color, and glass style.

Do you have your own modern wrought iron door design? Let us make your dream door! 

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