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Are you thinking about getting a wrought iron door over a wood or fiberglass door? Worried about spending the money on a new single or double iron entry door for your home?

At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we provide the most accurate information on all aspects of buying a wrought iron security door. Wrought iron doors have many benefits. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of wrought iron doors.  

Wrought Iron Door Advantages

Increase Home Value

Data has shown wrought iron doors increase home value. Wrought iron doors are handmade beautiful works of art made of high quality steel that can last a lifetime, which is important when selling your home. Wrought iron doors are generally more expensive than wood or fiberglass doors, but you will likely never have to replace a wrought iron door if maintained properly.

Increase Curb Appeal

A wrought iron door is the first thing people see when looking at a home and can increase curb appeal through the design and exclusivity. Wrought iron doors are not as common as traditional wood doors, a benefit which will make your house stand out for all the right reasons. Many of our customers tell us once their wrought iron security door was installed, neighbors constantly ask where they got it.

Operable Glass

Once of the best benefits of a wrought iron door is the operable glass. Most of our wrought iron doors have operable glass, meaning the glass can open independently from the door to allow for ventilation and easy cleaning. We love to open our glass in the summertime to allow for cool air to enter the house without our door being open.

Wrought Iron Door puppy

Low Maintenance

Wrought iron doors have much lower maintenance than wood or fiberglass doors and will last much longer. With a wrought iron entry door, you do not need to worry about wood warping, rotting, or stain & paint discoloration. At Black Diamond Iron Doors, our iron security doors are painted with 7 layers to keep the finish pristine for years to come. To clean an iron door, simply use soap and water! The glass operates independently for easy cleaning. We grease our hinges in factory and will rarely, if ever require additional greasing.


A huge advantage of a wrought iron door over a wood or fiberglass door is security. Wrought iron security doors are extremely heavy, often weighing over 400lbs for single door and 1000lbs for double doors. Wrought iron doors can withstand the toughest of weather conditions like hurricane force winds. Wrought iron door glass is dual pane and tempered for safety which means the glass is very hard to break. Our installers often say our doors are similar to bank vaults in how heavy and secure they feel.   


Wrought Iron Door Disadvantages


Wrought Iron Doors are generally more expensive than wood or fiberglass doors but this is mainly due to the materials used. While a wrought iron door will be more expensive than a wood door, the iron door will last much longer and has been shown to increase home value. 

Finding An Experienced Installer 

Sometimes our non-local customers have trouble finding an installer with experience installing wrought iron doors. Once rare, wrought iron doors are becoming more trendy and popular. At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we provide local customers with a list of installers. Additionally, all of our wrought iron doors are pre-hung from the factory with all accessories already installed on the door. While our doors are very heavy, we make the installation process simple. Once the jamb is in place, just hang the door slab on the jamb and the door is hung & ready.   


Built for security and durability, a benefit and disadvantage of a wrought iron doors is that they are extremely heavy! At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we only use the highest quality materials so our iron entry doors can weigh over 1000lbs, making the delivery process harder. Unless otherwise specified, the customer is responsible for unpackaging the pallet and unloading the door from the delivery truck. We recommend at least 3 able-bodied persons to help unload. The door slab and jamb are separately packaged to allow for an easier unloading to reduce weight. Note, we can offer a "white glove service" through the delivery carrier if you are unable to unload, but this will be an extra cost. 

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