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At Black Diamond Iron Doors, we have over 15 different glass style options to choose from. While glass style is mostly based on preference for each customer, our glass options have many different aesthetically pleasing designs and functions. Different glass styles look better with different wrought iron designs. Also, glass styles differ in function with how much visibility can be seen from outside the home.

Check out some of our most popular glass options below:

Iron Door With Glass

Rain Glass 

Rain glass wrought iron security door

By far our most popular glass style and what we include in most of our in-stock doors. Rain glass has a beautiful design and looks as if the glass has rain flowing down. Our customers love this glass because it also has a low visibility of 3 (out of 10), meaning people looking into the home through the glass from the outside can only see shadows inside the home. The main reason Rain glass has always been our most popular style is because this glass never goes out of style and can be used with any wrought iron design including classic, traditional, rustic, and even modern wrought iron security doors. 

Low E Clear 

Low E Clear glass wrought iron security door

One of my personal favorites, and opposite of Rain glass with the highest visibility (10 out 10) is our classic Low E Clear glass. Low E Clear glass is exactly as described. Clear! However, we put a protective invisible tint on the glass that blocks UV light and can reduce heat inside the home when the sun is shining. This glass has become extremely popular as wrought iron and steel door designs trend more modern, but has been a staple on our classic and traditional designs as well. For our modern black steel french doors, we use this glass almost exclusively as Low E Clear glass will match windows in your home perfectly for an overall aesthetically pleasing look. For modern front, patio, bi-fold, sliding, interior, and barn steel doors, this is by far our most popular option.  

Frost Glass

frost glass wrought iron security door

Frost glass is starting become more popular as wrought iron & steel security door designs are trending more modern. Frost glass has the lowest visibility (1 out of 10), meaning people cannot see inside your home through the glass. We see this glass used almost exclusively on modern & minimal wrought iron door designs. The opposite of Low E Clear glass, this is the option to choose if you would like a modern steel security door and do not want people to see through the door glass. 


Aquatex, Flemish & Glue Chip Glass 

aquatex glass wrought iron security door

Similar to rain glass, we have many other design patterns including aquatex, flemish, glue chip, ripple and many more. All these style offer visibility  (5 out of 10) somewhere in the middle and the design style is exclusively based on customer preference. These glass styles tend to go well with the traditional wrought iron designs with intricate curved and classic scroll works. We have many different styles to choose from what is listed above. If you would like to see all of our styles when ordering a single or double wrought iron front door, please contact us directly. 


Tea, Mirrored, or Tinted Glass

Tea color wrought iron security door glass

Another option we can do with custom wrought iron door orders is to add a tint to the glass. Want a mirrored tint on your front door with clear glass to reduce outside visibility? No problem, we can make this for you. We typically see tints on back or side doors when doors faces the sun for long periods. Also, sometimes our customers will choose a mirrored tint when ordering for commercial steel doors with clear glass.


Our glass not only offers different aesthetically pleasing styles that compliment the differences in ornate design between each iron door as certain glass styles tend to go better with certain iron door designs, but also functionality in visibility, UV light, and color schemes.

As always when ordering a custom wrought iron or steel security door, glass style is a customer preference and you should choose what you like best! 

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