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Before selecting the best one from wrought iron and steel doors, we should consider what a front door means to a dwelling. Your main entrance is the entryway of your beautiful abode. Hence, a gleaming front door is essential as it does nothing but amplifying the beauty your home-sweet-home possesses. And, when it comes to setting up a door in your main entrance, the aspect of security shouldn't also go unnoticed.

An elegantly designed door should be an integral part of your residence when you live in such a beautiful place as New Orleans, Louisiana. The city is renowned for scenic locations like Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral. It's a lot more vibrant because of the energetic people, tree-shaded roads, and attractive buildings and villas.

Wrought Iron Doors In New Orleans

If you are thinking of gifting your house a graceful front door but confused between wrought iron and steel doors, this article is just for you.

Wrought Iron and Steel

Wrought Iron - Iron is a naturally available raw material used to make wrought iron exterior doors, single and double doors after mining, refining, and wrought processes. Though its utilization for industrial purposes is limited now, it's an integral part of the ornamental metalwork industry. With lower carbon content, wrought iron is easy to bend, weld, and curve.

Steel - Steel is not among the metals nature has provided us with; instead, it has been produced artificially by mixing carbon with iron. The higher carbon level has made it more rigid than iron, making the wielding and curving process much more stringent.

Comparing Wrought Iron Doors and Steel Doors

  • Flexibility

Regardless of double iron doors or single ones, they are a clear winner when it comes to enhancing your adobes' architectural grandeur. Wilders can bend and shape it according to the design, which makes wrought iron doors more desirable and customizable because of the lower carbon content level.


Steel doors can also have designs similar to iron doors, but they should be designed out of molds, increasing the costing and selling charges. 


  • Strength

If you consider steel-made doors ahead of the iron front doors in terms of strength because of their higher tensile capacity, it would be entirely wrong. When it comes to strength, doors made by both metals are equally sturdy and proffer a similar level of security to homeowners.


What Makes Wrought Iron Doors More Preferable than Steel Made Ones? 

Residents from all over New Orleans, along with people from other parts of the country, are more inclined towards employing wrought iron doors for increasing the houses' curb appeal and security for different reasons mentioned below.


  1. Wrought iron front entry doors in New Orleans, Louisiana, are budget-friendly, and companies like Black Diamond Iron Doors are befitting their clients with up to 40% discounts.
  2. When it comes to elaborate and decorative door designs, wrought iron doors are more attractive.
  3. Steel doors are more prone to rusting than wrought iron doors.
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